Hello Beautiful Girl Period Project

A Mission of Kitch'n Lyfe Skills, Inc

Period Poverty is a real issue for many school-aged girls, not just internationally but right here in the United States. Many girls miss school or with home-schooling their attention is turned away because they do not have the feminine hygiene products they need each month. And with the current pandemic families must choose between buying food, paying rent, and personal hygiene supplies. Many families do not have the funds to purchase those supplies after they pay for their basic needs.

In the past girls would use old rags and toilet paper and because of today's current state toilet paper is no longer a viable option.

As part of our mission at Kitch'n Lyfe Skills, Inc to remove the barriers that lead to food insecurity we decided that it was important to help these girls have the products they need. In 2018, we began distributing bags of supplies to girls at our first back to school event. since then we have helped over 2,000 girls and their families with supplies that are essential for their period and personal hygiene supplies for the entire family.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

To reduce the instances of food insecurity among school-aged children, seniors, and displaced individuals through empowerment, education, and enlightenment, by changing the way we eat one plate at a time.


Our Vision

Our vision is focused on removing the barriers that lead to food insecurity. Our vision entails us helping school-aged girls getting the necessary menstrual supplies they need to confidently face life's challenges.

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